Bad habits to avoid for happy, healthy skin

  • Tummy and side sleeping.  


I am guilty of this.  How comfortable is it to sleep flat on your back? To me, it’s not. At all.  However spending a third of your life with your face smashed into a pillow can cause wrinkles to form.  If you can’t be comfortable on your back, get a nice satin pillowcase to minimize the appearance of sleep lines.  This is also great for your hair. Bonus!


  • Squinting


Were you warned that your face would remain frozen in place if contorted, as a child?  Well, it’s not entirely false.  Those of us who squint or furrow their brows tend to have more wrinkles than those who do not.  Buy yourself some great looking sunglasses, protect your skin and your eyes. Function and fashion. Bonus!


  • Passing on fruits and vegetables


You have likely heard of antioxidants and their importance in skincare. Antioxidants fight skin damage caused by the free radicals that our bodies produce in metabolism. You don’t need an expensive juice or fancy skin cream to get enough antioxidants in your body. Though it won’t hurt if you wish to splurge on a $10 fresh pressed juice! Eating just five to seven servings of fruits and vegetables will provide you all the antioxidants you need.


  • Drinking excessive alcohol


Alcohol wreaks havoc in skin your skin on a few levels. It depletes the body’s levels of vitamin A, a powerful antioxidant that helps produce collagen. Excessive drinking over long periods of time can cause bloated blood vessels that permanently reduce skin elasticity. Alcohol dehydrates the skin and makes it feel like sandpaper. Yuck.  Of course everything in moderation.  I’m the last person to tell you not to drink, but make sure you’re hydrating before during and after with water.


  • Chronic stress


Does chronic stress cause skin aging or does it just exacerbate the the behaviors that lead to aging?  The jury is still out.  We do know that stress can lead to eating too many of the wrong things, excessive drinking, poor sleep habits, weight loss or gain, and frowning.  You know what can relieve stress?  Facials!


  • Sleeping in makeup


What’s the harm in crashing in makeup after a long night? Unfortunately makeup holds the free radicals and pollutants next to your precious facial skin if you wear it overnight. If you want to help recover your skin, at least use a cleansing wipe before passing out for the night.  Your skin works overtime to regenerate cells overnight, help it by removing makeup before bed.


  • Sunbathing and tanning


Sun exposure is the leading cause of premature skin aging. 90% of skin aging is due to sun exposure and it can cause skin cancer. When spending time in the sun , use adequate sun protection through the use of sunscreen and clothing.  Avoid tanning beds.  Wrinkles are cute on a Shar-pei, but not so much on your face.


  • Sleeping too little

Healthy sleep reduces inflammation in the body and help cells recover from a long, hard day’s work.  Happy cells make happy skin so, love your cells and sleep well. It will make you look and feel refreshed.